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An Old Skillet Interview
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Skillet is a new modern rock group who debuted last year with their self-titled release in October. Skillet's making waves & cooking up a storm in the music scene & can be heard on all Christian rock stations across the nation! Their guitarist, Ken Steorts recently made time to answer some questions.

  • Jesus freak Hideout: Why did you choose the name "Skillet"?

    Ken Steorts: The name "Skillet" came from the way our music was a conglomeration of styles, like cooking in a skillet and not knowing what we would sound like, throw it all in and see what happens.

  • JfH: How did the band get started?

    Ken: Our pastor who had the idea of the name, got us to play together from different bands locally and open for Fold Zandura and do a demo. We got interest from Forefront within one month, before we were really a band or anything- very much a God thing. We knew we wanted to play together due to our shared vision for ministry.

  • JfH: How would you describe your sound & why did you pick it for Skillet?

    Ken: We call it simply modern rock because the style is diverse enough. It is intense due to our purpose and passion for Jesus and hardcore worship and expresses ourselves fully.

  • JfH: What bands have influenced your sound?

    Ken: Sound influences: Kings X and a bunch of other bands to a small degree each. Again, it is so diverse and the bands we've been compared to we never listened to much or at all.

  • JfH: Would you ever consider going into the mainstream market if you didn't have to compromise your message?

    Ken: Yes. We hope to go uncompromised into the mainstream. That is where we can be most effective in reaching people for Jesus

  • JfH: Where do you get the ideas for writing your songs?

    Ken: Ideas for songs come from Scripture, sermons, books, prayer and life.

  • JfH: Did you have any goals set for your album before you released it last year?
  • Ken: We wanted God to use our record to reach the lost and encourage the church in holiness and purity. We were also excited about the possibility of selling a bunch of records and playing before many people for that same reason.

  • JfH: What is the song "Saturn," about?

    Ken: "Saturn" parallels the belief in the rings around Saturn without having seen them, to the faith in God in what He has promised, and that He is working in us without seeing Him physically, and that kind of thing. Like a radical, simple faith no matter what the circumstances.

  • JfH: What inspired "Promise Blender?"

    Ken: "Promise Blender" is John's testimony of making promises to God, but He sees all we do and knows we can't keep our promises. He takes them in His mercy and mixes them up in Himself.

  • JfH: My parents are in their forties and they really like Skillet. Does Skillet's appeal to an older crowd surprise you?

    Ken: I think Skillet has an appeal to all ages because we cross so many styles and sing and play with passion about Jesus--something all Christian audiences are looking for.

  • JfH: How important do you think it is for fans of Christian music to attend Christian concerts?

    Ken: Christian concerts that have redeeming value are essential to Christians. These are the artists that can affect, change, encourage, and move us and say all we want to say and teach us how to worship. It's very important if the concert is glorifying God.

  • JfH: Are you guys working on any new material for your next album? (Any word on a possible release soon?)

    Ken: We are working on the next record. We have four songs done. One called "Whirlwind" will be out in October on the WWJD CD. Our CD will be out next spring.

  • JfH: What's your favorite movie?

    Ken: My fave movie is The Mission, John's is Braveheart, Trey's is Dances with Wolves.

  • JfH: The Jesus freak Hideout site was started out of appreciation for good Christian music. We've set a goal to try to use the site to spread Christian music, as well as God's Word, & show others how great Christian music can be. Do you listen to Christian music? If so, what bands?

    Ken: We listen to Christian music a lot. My faves are Black Eyed Sceva, Charlie Peacock, Choir, Switchfoot... Trey likes Smalltown Poets, John listens to Skillet and Russ Taff

  • JfH: I really appreciate your taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer some questions for us. Are there any last comments you'd like to make?

    Ken: Worship fully!

  • Skillet
    Skillet Being Interviewed (left to right: Ken, John, Byron-sound guy, Trey)

    Skillet Interview: an interview with John Cooper, Ken Steorts, and Trey McClurkin
    An old interview by "In Search" with the starting band, Skillet (is no longer available online)

    In Search: How did you come up with the name Skillet?

    Ken: We were all in different bands, playing different kinds of music, ya know? We didn't know what we were gonna sound like so it's kinda like throwing all the ingredients in a Skillet.

    In Search: What are all of your full names?

    Ken: Kenneth Dale Steorts

    John: John Landrum Cooper

    Trey: That's classified information... It's given on a need to know basis.

    John: No, no, no, no...cause I know it! Go ahead and say it!

    Trey: Herschel H. McClurkin the third

    John: Depending on how much money you have, I can give you his middle name.

    Trey: As long as I get a percentage to spend.

    In Search: How old are each of you?

    Ken: 31

    John: 22...*points to Trey* He's 24.

    In Search: Are any of you married?

    Ken: I am

    John: I am too.

    Trey: No...single Trey

    In Search: Any kids?

    Ken: One...a little baby named Bree....she's here today

    *another guy walks over and sits down*

    Trey: This is our sound man. It's our favorite drummer Brian! *laughs*

    In Search: How did you guys meet?

    John: We went to the same church...that's really basically it. [Ken] and I were in some Christian bands and playing a little bit together. Then we started going to the same church and then [Trey] decided to go to our church too.

    In Search: Where did you grow up?

    John: Memphis

    Ken: I grew up in Louisiana

    Trey: Arkansas

    In Search: Under what style would you actually classify your music?

    Ken: Modern rock.

    John: Good job Ken! You nailed it baby!

    Ken: That's it! Skillet rock next year!

    John: *laughs*

    In Search: What are the best parts of being in a band?

    Ken: I like worshiping intensely. That's my very favorite thing.

    John: Preaching in front of a large group of people

    Trey: Quick Trips...*laughs*'s a convenience store... Fulfilling my heart's desire... And you get to meet other great drummers like Brian.

    John: Byron

    Trey: I know! I keep saying it till it gets him mad.

    In Search: What are some of the worst?

    John: I've got a long list...the worst part about being in a band....I would say not being regular, like eating not being regular. No schedule. Your body has no schedule. You might sleep, you might not, you might be driving all night long.

    Trey: I would say interviews are no good. *smiles*

    John: *laughs* That's what I meant!

    Ken: It's hard being away from home.

    John: And being in a van with everybody all the time.

    In Search: Do you guys consider yourselves like brothers?

    John:'s getting a lot more like that. We don't fight like brothers fight. We fight more like friends in high school fight. It would be like a "You really hurt my feelings" type thing.

    In Search: What are your goals as a Christian band?

    John: To never lose our passion.

    Ken: ...with Jesus

    In Search: When can we expect to see a new album?

    John: Hopefully April...

    In Search: Any insight?

    John: We have one song that's already's gonna be released in October. It's gonna be on a "What Would Jesus Do" compilation tape thing we're doing. It's got a lot of piano in it. Our new album probably won't be as intense. That's the only secret we can give out or I'd have to kill you....just kidding guys!

    Dave (a guy with me): That's on tape!

    In Search: I can use that against you!

    John: I know! *laughs*

    In Search: If you weren't in a band, what do you think you would be doing now?

    Ken: Teaching college.

    John: Right now...6:30...I'd be eating dinner. Watching "Predator" or something like that. I'd probably be teaching in high school. Well, I'd probably be in college. I forgot about that. I would have been a senior. I would be graduating right now.

    In Search: What did you major in?

    John: I didn't! I was gonna major in history... to teach history

    Trey: I would be the owner of a Fortune 500 Club. Just kidding! I would be working for myself in 500 different jobs. Making enough pocket change...

    In Search: What song do you think means the most to you on your album?

    Ken: Probably "I Can" and "Safe With You"

    John: Both of those are tied.

    In Search: *to Trey* Same with you?

    Trey: Yeah!

    John: *smiles* No! That was "Safe With You" *laughs*

    Ken: That was good man! *gives John a high five*

    Trey: You can just take him out for me.

    In Search: Yeah! I'll just jump him after the interview and take all his money!

    John: Yeah! Go to Wendy's tonight *smiles*

    In Search: What are some of your favorite Bible verses?

    Ken: Philippians 3:16

    John: Romans 8:38

    Trey: 2 Chronicles 16:9

    In Search: What are some of your most embarrassing moments?

    John: Today while I was playing...I fell down for my first time. No, actually that wasn't embarrassing. I was like, "Yeah! That rocks!" *everyone laughs*

    Ken: I went to a hotel room while we were on tour and I opened the door and there were people already in there. I got my key in and they had a dog barking at me.

    John: I can think of too many embarrassing things. Oh wait! I have one. It's was the first time I was talking to my wife about being married. The first deep conversation we had about marriage and a bird crapped on my arm.

    In Search: *to Trey* Think of anything yet?

    Trey: No! Sorry! I don't get embarrassed much. I just get mad. *laughs*

    In Search: What's the first word that comes to your mind when I

    John: Orange! I don't know why, it just is.

    Ken: Red Rover

    Trey: Motivation

    John: Did you say motivation?

    Trey: I said motivation.

    Ken: They say "tire" he says "bending". "Glasses", "business"

    In Search: What's a question you've never been asked?

    Ken: That one.

    John: Yeah! That one....Do we think we're good?

    In Search: Do you think you're good?

    Trey: Don't ask that question.

    Ken: I think we're great man!

    John: Oh my gosh!

    Ken: I think we're so killing! I'd buy our album if I was me.

    John: Oh my gosh! Yeah! I think we're good. I'm glad no one asked me that now cause I feel so stupid. That's my embarrassing moment right there. *everyone laughs*

    Trey: Sure...I think we're good.

    Ken: Define "good"

    In Search: If you were all members of King Arthur's court, who would be Sir Lancelot?

    Ken: I would be King Arthur. *laughs*

    John: At different times, we're each Sir Lancelot

    In Search: If you had a chance to go on tour, and you had a chance to have any band open for you, who would you choose?

    John: DC Talk.

    In Search: So, do you listen to DC Talk?

    Ken: I do!

    In Search: What other bands do you listen to?

    Ken: Black Eyed Scevna.

    John: I always forget what I listen to. Seal...In Excess

    In Search: What advice do you have for teenagers who want to start a band?

    Ken: Study the word, pray, get your heads straightened out cause you're messed up *laughs* No...just kidding. Just do the stuff and don't worry about the band.

    John: If it's your passion, you should be able to write music easily.

    In Search: Thanks for answering some questions for me.

    John: You're very welcome!

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